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Back OnLine but please re-send eMails

After a technical hitch I am pleased to advise the website is up and running again after being ‘down' for a week.

If you sent an email, and didn’t receive a reply, please re send, as it will be lost in cyberspace.


Everyones pets are safe, healthy and happy, everyone is eating well, and doing everything they should, and very little that they shouldn’t!


Playing in the new activity centre

Jaffa and Tiffin


Just a note to say thank you so much for always looking after our cats Jaffa and Tiffin so well. They've come back today looking fluffier than ever and so happy which is fantastic as its a while since they last stayed due to new baby and less time for holidays!

We've been using Red House for a few years now and never have any worries while we're away about the cats as we know they'll be well cared for, we jokingly call it the 'cat hotel' and would have no hesitation in recommending it to others, indeed our friends cats also board here.

Thanks again!   Dr Bradman


Show Champions to Stay

Having spent almost 3 weeks in Red House Kennels, Kerry went to Leeds Championship show in such good condition she won the  Puppy Bitch class.  Her brother who also stays at Red House on occasions went one better by gaining Best Puppy in Breed.  They followed this a week later by winning a 1st, two 2nds and a 3rd in big classes at the British Dalmatian Club 90TH anniversary show.  I am happy to leave my dogs with Alyse knowing they are well fed and looked after, and always come home in top condition.

Ilex Whiting Cragvallie Dalmatians and Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla. Pic 1 Kerry     Pic 2 Keegan   Pic 3 Keegan at Leeds    Pic 4 Kerry

Kerry BDC
Keegan BDC2

Keegan Leeds 2015
Kerry at BNat

New Purrfect Activity Centres

Here are just a few of our Brand New Cat Activity Centres for our Purrfectly Pampered Pussies! Something for everyone, views from up high, and cosy places to hide, scratch posts and dangles! All ready for your pets summer holidays.
Will your frisky feline enjoy playing with one?


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Weighted Options

Now our Feline Guests also have the benefit of weight watching facilities in the Purrfect Paradise Reception.

With a bit of encouragement, most cats are willing participants, though not all approve of the idea!

Very unwilling characters can be weighed in their transportation cases, the weight of which can be deducted from the original weight containing its occupant.

 They are very accurate and weight up to 20kg- which would be a pretty huge cat!

Weighing Up Options!

To make sure pets stay fit and trim, we have just invested in a set of Veterinary Standard Dog Weighing Scales.

The scales are available for use at any time within our open hours, and there is no charge, they are situated in the kennel reception area.

Pets weight can creep up (or down) without us noticing, we may be feeding too much or too little, the wrong food, or too many tit bits (?)

Myself, Beth, or another member of staff can assist with treats and gentle persuasion if your pets is scale shy. 

The posh new scales weigh up to an amazing 300lbs or 136 kg (thats over 21 Stones!) 

So (horror of horrors), pet parents could be weighed too! 

(and yes, you’re correct! There’s no charge!)

photo 4


Recent Guests

Some Photos of our recent guests










Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wishing all our clients New and Old a Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year

Some of our recent guests


Lovely Boy Puppy

Anyone out there looking for a Miniature Dachshund boy puppy?







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