idENTICHIP Microchipping


We are now able to offer a Micro-Chipping service for pets at a very competitive rate

Making sure that if your pet goes missing you have the best chance of finding it again quickly

Every day unidentified pets are humanely destroyed in animal homes throughout the country.

Many of these animals could have been reunited with their worried owners if only they could have been identified

Microchipping is now acknowledged to be the most acceptable form of permanent identification available for companion animals and horses.

It is permanent, tamperproof, reliable and painless.

idENTICHIP is the original UK microchip and is acknowledged to be the clear market leader for use in companion animals and horses.

idENTICHIP is a microchip and an electromagnetic coil in a capsule the size of a grain of rice. Once inserted into your pet, it provides an inexpensive but permanent means of identification throughout the life of your pet.

It is inserted into the scruff of the pets neck in a quick and painless manner. Each one has it's own unique identification number.

Once implanted the idENTICHIP remains electronically inactive until scanned by a special microchip scanner.

idENTICHIP responds to a low voltage electronic signal from the scanner and transmits its unique code, which is then displayed.

This then allows Vets, Pet Rescue Staff, Dog Wardens and the Police to then access a database to discover the identity of the pet and its owner.

idENTICHIP was the first UK microchip when introduced in 1989 and there are well over 2 million animals with an idENTICHIP in the UK.

It is unique in that it has a patented anti-migration cap which ensures that the microchip cannot move around the body of the pet.

idENTICHIP is suitable for all pets

Did you know?

There are over 2 million animals in the UK with an idENTICHIP.

Over 1400 Veterinary Practices in the UK currently use the idENTICHIP system.

Over 350 Charity and Local Authority establistments are microchipping and re-homing animals.

The UK Government chose microchipping as the means of permanent identification under the



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